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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Why we need to have separate list of other blogs?

Well, probably I am too choosy but this blog did not attract me much. First and most important thing was the design and use navigation. Why someone shall not look at this aspect while developing a blog. I discount this and go ahead with the concept of list of blogs of photo blogs - that could not convince me as well. Why we need to have a separate list of blogs in a all together different blog.

When visited the list of blogs, probably you would find some interesting ones, but specific to this blog, I am not very excited to often.

1. What is the blog all about? (Note: this will be the title of the post and anchor text linking to your blog).
This BLOG lists all our Photo Blogs (over 20 so far) about the life and experiences of a Canadian who now lives in Brasil. The Blogs are available in English and Portuguese (not all translations are complete yet).

2. What is its URL?

3. Your name (Note: will be published, so be sure about what you want to be published)?
Urso Branco

4. What is your blog called?
A List of Our Blogs About Brasil

5. How old is the blog?
about 1 1/2 years

6. What is the one unique feature of your blog (Note: mention only one)?
Beautiful photos of rural Brasil with a Canadian Sense of Humour

7. Do you make money from this blog?
No money making involved

8. What is the main revenue stream for this blog?

9. What are your plans with this blog?
More and More photos and commentary

10. What blogs are your biggest competitors?
I haven't found or looked for any.

11. Do you rank in search engines on first page? If Yes, for what terms?

12. Did you promote your blog in past and How do you promote your blog?
By word of mouth, Blog Directories and by modest advertising on photos sold to tourists in my town of Águas da Prata, SP, Brasil