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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Just Another Make Money Online Blog?

The moment I received blog review request for this blog, a flash of thought come into my mind - no way, one more make money online blog. As and went on reading each post, I started realizing the willingness, the efforts, the motivation behind this blog. Sana has been trying to make the best of her time and knowledge by making money online through various ways, spreading the knowledge across for others and reviewing other websites and blogs just like this blog. I congratulate her for her first ever income of £6, I can imagine how happy she was.

We would like to suggest her to work little bit more on the blog template. It's not very tempting for visitors to scroll through. Probably she can think of white background and soothing color combinations.

She can also have a look at her peer blogs like life is colourful where she can get more n more ideas about new content, new topics and can make new friends with Make money online bloggers. But make sure Sana, that your blog shall not become just another make money online blog. All the best! So read below her interview guys!

1. What is the blog all about? (Note: this will be the title of the post and anchor text linking to your blog).
Earning Money online

2. What is its URL?

3. Your name (Note: will be published, so be sure about what you want to be published)?
Sana Lakhani

4. What is your blog called?
Earn free money online

5. How old is the blog?
5 months old

6. What is the one unique feature of your blog (Note: mention only one)?
Freebies and making money online ideas. Original content, unique template and design.

7. Do you make money from this blog?

8. What is the main revenue stream for this blog?
Sponsored posts

9. What are your plans with this blog?
Earn good income.

10. What blogs are your biggest competitors?
Lots of them.

11. Do you rank in search engines on first page? If Yes, for what terms?
Not yet

12. Did you promote your blog in past and How do you promote your blog?
Getting reviewed, exchanging links, posting in forums, writing in squidoo and hub pages



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