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Monday, May 15, 2006

The battle of the blogs begins!!

Hi, This is about reviewing blogs. If you would like your blog reviewed, please send me mail at battleofblogs at gmail dot com

We would be glad to publish the "blogger interview" here. You would receive a free review and dedicated post on this blog and a valuable back link. In return, we are expecting nothing but mention of our blog with back link in your blog post or blog side bar. Find the back linking code at the bottom of the post

Your blog must meet these conditions:
1) It must be absolutely family friendly
2) It must be special in some or the other way

1. What is the blog all about? (Note: this will be the title of the post and anchor text linking to your blog).
2. What is its URL?
3. Your name (Note: will be published, so be sure about what you want to be published)?
4. What is your blog called?
5. How old is the blog?
6. What is the one unique feature of your blog (Note: mention only one)?
7. Do you make money from this blog?
8. What is the main revenue stream for this blog?

9. What are your plans with this blog?
10. What blogs are your biggest competitors?
11. Do you rank in search engines on first page? If Yes, for what terms?
12. Did you promote your blog in past and How do you promote your blog?

Your review will largely be your responses to the questionnaire. So, we could call it a blog master interview.

I retain the right to review the blog, without mentioning any reason. I will reply back to your questionnaire, upon receiving your email. Your review will be based on your responses to the questionnaire.

I am thinking to do this one by one, so if you are sending me the questionnaire filled up, Keep your fingers crossed as there might be already a queue of blogs.

In your responses, please include both - the questions and the responses. All this is free. But, if you really like to do something in return, you could link to this blog (or review this blog) somewhere.

This service is free at this moment, and the way, I get my blogs ranked in google fast, I might think of charging for this service in future. So be quick.

If your response to the questionnaire is not very interesting, I might think of not publishing the review of the blog.

So, The battle of the blogs begins!!

Link back to us by copying this code to your blog:

<a href="" title="Battle of blogs Begins!" target="_blank">Battle of blogs Begins!</a>



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