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Monday, May 22, 2006

Jellybean's Photographs and Thoughts

"Cherishing your hobby in a beautiful way and have it shared with others through medium of blogs"

This blog is all about sharing Jellybean's photographs and thoughts. If you watch those beautiful photos, you would slowly understand this lady. Would not you like to comment on such beautiful photos.

Yes, we have a suggestion.. if we could use a beautiful template for this blog, that would be something great to watch for. This will give a different impressions of photos on the blog.

1. Your name
I go by Jellybean on my website. Jelly or Ms. Bean has been a popular abbreviation with many. I have a hard time usually coming up with nicknames for sites. I happened to have a small bowl of jellybeans on my desk when I created my blog and thought why not? So I called myself Jellybean. Most people seem to find the humor in it like I do.

2. What is your blog called?
It is titled Jellybean's View.

3. How old is the blog?
My blog is around 6 months old. This is the first time I've seriously tried blogging and have found it very enjoyable.

4. What is the one unique feature of your blog?
One unique feature of my blog are my photographs. I try to take them from a unique point of view. Then I (bravely I think) ask for people to comment/give feedback on what they've seen.

5. Do you make money from this blog?
LOL! I wish! No, no money is made from this blog. I do have links to my photos where prints can be purchased, but no takers yet.

6. What is the main revenue stream for this blog?
I do not make any revenue from this blog.

7. What are your plans with this blog?
My main plans for this blog are to build readership, encourage growth of comments, and get people to eventually (sooner than later I hope) purchase prints of my photos.

8. What blogs are your biggest competitors?
There are several photographers out there who are trying to accomplish the same thing. One whom I admire and know is jimmyneutron with

9. Do you rank in search engines on first page? If Yes, for what terms
No, not unless you try to google jellybean's view specifically. Only then does it pop up on the search engine first page.

10. Did you promote your blog in past and How do you promote your blog?
Yes, I have promoted my blog in the past. I have it listed as part of my signature in all of my emails, it is listed as part of my profile in many member websites, and I promote is frequently on BE. I use the Battle of the Blogs, Blog Rocket, Banner impressions, Text links, and Rent Your Blog.


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