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Friday, July 21, 2006

Icedlabs - News, Happenings and Analysis of things around

I read it, I liked it, I found it nice.. it's interesting; but somewhere at the corner of my mind, I found it plain, cold.. Do you know what I mean. The posts are interesting, You are touching to many issues which were even in my mind but I did not give much time to give it a thought. Not only such issues, but also interesting post which any reader would love to read.. but to attrach the reader first time, you need to have it a bit attractive, Spicy.

The point here is, There is too much of text.. text, text and text.. lotta of text. But if he can just add one pic with every post, believe it's gonna be much more interesting. The area at the right can be pretty useful for this. Think over it.

1. What is the blog all about?
Icedlabs is about the issues, the news, the happenings and the analysis of things you would always think about but never cared or didn't have time to look into the matter.

2. What is its URL?

3. Your name
Icedlabs Inc.

4. What is your blog called?

5. How old is the blog?
It has been up since November 2002.

6. What is the one unique feature of your blog (Note: mention only one)?
The unique stories with analysis and dissection like the way you want it to be. Now there is no use searching other URL's on an issues like "Emotional Infidelity"; you have all the important links covered and written about on Icedlabs.

7. Do you make money from this blog?
Intend to.

8. What is the main revenue stream for this blog?
Google Adsense.

9. What are your plans with this blog?
Future web application hosting along with the blog. Categorize it in a better way, e.g. by producing plugins that put pics (from places like Flickr) on it with a difference.

10. What blogs are your biggest competitors?
None. J

11. Do you rank in search engines on first page? If Yes, for what terms?

Some of the lyrics, some technological terms like-

emotional infidelity (
windows genuin 24 (
does hiv cause aids (Google)
girafa thumbshots (Google)
KD, Bangalore (Google)
The Rhetoric of Humor (
Dr Vivek Maheshwari Nebraska (Google)
lion anecdotes (Google)
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lyrics tere bina zindagi say koi shikwa nahi ( )
in aankhon ke masti ke mastane (Google)

12. Did you promote your blog in past and How do you promote your blog?
Through processes of link exchange programs and better ads. Also through getting the posts on various famous blogs.